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Electrical Trades Application

  1. "New" is defined as not licensed for the previous calendar year.

    It will be at the discretion of the Public Works Department if further credentials are required for any previously licensed Electrical Contractor, Journeyman or Master Card holder.

  2. Electrical Contractor
  3. Journeyman's Certificate
  4. Master's Certificate
  5. Note: An Electrical Contractor's License may only be issued to an owner who is renewing a current City of Carthage Electrical Contractor License, to an owner who has a current Journeyman's or Master's Certificate issued by the City, or to an owner who has under their employ a current Journeyman/Master Certificate cardholder issued by the City. When a Journeyman / Master cardholder leaves or is discharged from the employ of an Electrical Contractor who is required to have a Certificate cardholder in his employ, both the Contractor and the Certificate cardholder shall give immediate notice of such fact to the Electrical inspector.

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