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Contractor License Request Form

  1. You must provide all requested information on the application. Blanks will delay the processing of the application and issuance of the license.

  2. General Builder / Commercial
  3. General Contractor / Residential
  4. Sub-Contractor Specialty
  5. Specialty
  6. A Certificate of Insurance must be filed with the City certifying public liability insurance in the amount as provided by Missouri State Statutes. Applicant must also file a certificate of insurance for worker's compensation coverage or an affidavit*, the form of which shall be developed by the Division of Labor and Industrial Relations for the State of Missouri, signed by the applicant attesting that the contractor is exempt. (Sec. 12-149). All certificates must list the City of Carthage as the Certificate Holder. Missouri employers involved in the construction industry are required to carry worker's compensation coverage if they have one or more employees. Note Affidavit must be notarized.

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