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Liquor Sunday Sales

    • Liquor (Sunday Sales)
    • Information needed to process Liquor (Sunday Sales) License:
    • Missouri Sales Tax Certificate
    • No Sales Tax Due Letter
    • State (Sunday Sale) Liquor License
    • Liquor License zoning approval (Obtained from Public Works)
    • Written and Signed Formal Request to sell liquor on Sunday
    • Complete Liquor (Sunday Sales) Application
    • Application Fee (Noted on Application)
  1. Credit Card Payment

    City of Carthage Online Payment System

  2. Important

    • Prior to submitting a Liquor (Sunday Sales) Application at City Hall a Liquor License zoning approval from Public Works must be obtained. The location where the liquor is to be sold must meet specific zoning criteria.
    • Public Works
      Phone: 417-237-7010
    • Once City Hall receives the zoning approval from Public Works a letter requesting to sell Liquor on Sunday must be submitted to the Mayor for the official City's approval. The letter should be addressed to the Mayor, state the name and address of the business where the liquor is to be sold, business hours, type of business, and activities in which the business would normally sell liquor.
    • The City's approval (signed by Mayor) will be required to obtain a State (Sunday Sale) Liquor License. Once the State (Sunday Sale) Liquor License is obtained it will need to be submitted along with the above requirements in order to issue a Liquor (Sunday Sales) License from the City.

    Liquor Sales Sunday Application

    City of Carthage
    326 Grant
    Carthage, MO 64836
    Fax: 417-237-7002
    Phone: 417-237-7000

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  4. Sunday Sales

    Original Package $300.00

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