Who oversees the E-Scooters located in Carthage?

The private company, Lime, operates and maintains the devices currently permitted in Carthage. This company is the only shared mobility device company allowed to operate in Carthage at this time.

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1. Where can I ride a Scooter?
2. Who oversees the E-Scooters located in Carthage?
3. How old do I need to be to ride?
4. Is a helmet required to ride?
5. Can my child or friend ride with me on the same device?
6. How do I use an E-Scooter?
7. Where should the E-Scooters be parked?
8. How do I report E-Scooters that are broken or left on my property or in another inappropriate location?
9. Are there special discounts available?
10. Is it true that I can earn money with Lime?
11. How many mobility devices are located in Carthage?
12. If I am a motorist, what do I do if I encounter a Scooter Device on the roadway?