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Carter Park

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A favorite park of active citizens, Carter Park has an asphalt trail throughout the park that is great for walking and emerging bike riders. The park has benches near the trails, a playground for kids, a large field, convenient restrooms, a large shelter, and three smaller shelters. All of the buildings have electricity and picnic tables. The three smaller pavilions are Carter Shelter, River Shelter, Chestnut Pavilion, and each can accommodate four picnic tables to fit twenty-four people comfortably. The larger pavilion, John Addison Shelter, can fit five tables with thirty people seated. The shelters are available to reserve if you want to host an event for the day. Shelters not reserved are first come, first serve. Contact the Parks Department for more information; call 417-237-7035.

Futsal is very popular in this park; it takes place on what looks like tennis courts. Like soccer, Futsal involves five players versing each other on opposing teams. The game is mainly played on an enclosed court to keep the ball in the game. The Futsal courts have tall chain-link fencing that surrounds the court, making it ideal for the game. LED lights cover the court and illuminate the park from dusk to dawn.

Carter Park is located next to the Battle of Carthage State Park and was part of the last battle fought in the war in Carthage. It was widely known as the Carthage Tourist Park in the 1920s and 1930s, with frequent stops by Route 66 travelers. Carter Park was a gift to the city from a city resident, John Addison Carter. The residents came to Carthage in 1865, and he was to be the wealthiest pioneer physician around the county. The physician owned an abundance of the land around the city and other parts of the county.


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