Adult Public Access Computers

You must pay for everything you print. Black and White prints are.20 per page,.50 for color (downstairs express only).

Carthage Public Library's Public Access Computers must be used in accordance with our computer policy. A full copy of the policy is available in the Carthage Public Library Internet Use Policies (PDF) and also at the upstairs internet desk. Some reminders:

  • You must check in with a librarian at the Internet or Reference Desk and present your library card before using the computers.
  • If you are using our computers for the first time, we will have you sign an internet agreement form. We will enable internet privileges on your existing card, or, if you don't have a card already, we can issue you an internet-only library card. Internet-only cards are free and do not require proof of address, but cannot check out anything except ebooks.
  • If you have fines over $2, overdue items, or other issues with your account, you may not use the computers until your account is brought back into good standing.
  • You are allowed to use the public-access computers for one hour per day. Additional time may be available.
  • Black and white copies are 20¢ per page, and you must pay for all items you print out. If you need help printing, ask a librarian.
  • In addition to our regular computers, we maintain two 20-minute express computers. These computers are intended for use by travelers, people without library cards, and people who need to print something quickly. You must check in with a librarian before using an express computer.
  • You must not use the computers to access obscene, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate material. You must not use our computers for illegal purposes. Our internet traffic is filtered and computer usage may be monitored to ensure CIPA compliance. Please note that if you use the Library's computers for inappropriate purposes, you will no longer be able to use them.